Sunday, December 22, 2013

three wise men

Here is a card I made my mum for Christmas - the photo I used is a print of some artwork my grandfather did about 50 years ago. He was an amazing artist and did a lot in the New Zealand advertising industry in the 30's, 40's & 50's. This piece he actually did while working in New York (for Hallmark I think??). 
We have recently been reconnected to his work through two great books that have been written by Peter Alsop and Gary Stewart (& Dave Bamford-first book only) - first one was called "Selling The Dream - The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism" (available HERE) and here is one of the posters my grandfather, Gilbert Meadows, drew.

 The second one is called "Promoting Prosperity - The Art of Early New Zealand Advertising" (available HERE) and below are two from that book. My grandfather did a lot of ads for Anchor and one of them included a painting of my father - I need to get a copy of that one! 
Hope you enjoy checking out these books (published by Craig Cotton Publishing) and maybe buy yourself one for Christmas! hee hee


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