Saturday, June 20, 2009

i love shrinky plastic!!!

I made this card today using the Priceless Stampin' Up! stamp set. I punched out the black shrinky plastic and then punched two holes in it so it looked like a button. I then stamped the image with Whisper White Craft Ink - then on my embossing board (a clip board covered with tin foil) I placed the plastic under a small tea strainer then using my heat tool I shrunk the plastic. It shrinks by about 200%.
Using the tea strainer means what you are embossing doesn't get blown away! If I was just embossing a image I hold it in place with the clip on the clipboard.
Now off to work out what else I can use the shrinky plastic for..............


  1. cool card & love your buttons

  2. Love the Shrinky plastic how cool does that look. Well done Julia