Friday, May 7, 2010

thank you so much fellow crafters!

I have been honoured with some awards from some of my lovely paper crafting friends! Thanks you ladies. One of the things with receiving these awards is to tell ten things about yourself that you haven't shared before, so here goes!
1. I am a chocoholic ( ok most of you know that already!)
2. I am a shopaholic (again you all know that! lol)
3. I dislike gardening - love to look at gardens, just don't like getting out there and doing it!
4. I never eat nuts except when they are covered in chocolate, but walnuts and pecans would be the worst!
5. I am the youngest of three, I have 2 older brothers. My husband Craig is exactly the same!
6. I was born in Whakatane and lived for 3 years in Melbourne, Australia when I was a child.
7. I have travelled around the world (22 years ago! lol)
8. I have IBS (and other crappy medical issues! lol)
9. My favourite colour is white - don't argue that it's not really a colour!
10. I can't spell - oh yeah you all know that already too! lol
bonus - I don't really like spiders, flying, driving on gravel roads, peanut butter (sorry Jacque hehe), horses, snakes, skivvies, channel surfing, sailing, broad beans...... the list could go on! lol
Please visit my friends blogs, the best way to do that is go to the NZSU site by clicking on the link on the right - they are so awe inspiring!

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