Thursday, May 26, 2011

my craft space and a bleaching guide

thought I would show you where I do my creating. This is the cluttered little spot I sit at at the moment. I am shifting house in a few weeks and my new craft room will look A LOT different as I will be able to teach in the same room so I won't need to have all my crafting tools 'on wheels'.

this little project on my desk is a 'bleach' guide. I wanted to know what each of the Stampin' Up! colours look like when they are bleached. I punched out each colour with a punch and then just painted bleach on. Once dry I will place them on the ring on the left and have it on hand anytime I do some bleaching.
If you would like to learn bleaching as a stamping technique (I won't come to your house and do you domestic bleaching! hehehe) then contact me and we can arrange a workshop/class at your place! email me at -


  1. That is a great idea Julia! I STILL haven't tried this technique my self. I like that you will have samples to refer to now. Very clever ♥

  2. I quite like bleaching, and have found some colours look terrible (RHR) - great idea to have a handy reference guide at hand.

    Look forward to seeing your new craft space soon.