Thursday, February 2, 2012

yea olde coat hanger

This is another EASY project using the Stampin' Up! fabric. This coat hanger is SOOOOO easy it's embarrassing and it's all hand sewn! All you need a length of fabric at least twice the length of the wooden coat hanger and about 6" wide. Turn about 3/4" over on the short ends and iron flat, and on the long edges iron a 1" fold over. Then wrap a strip of padding of some sort around the wood part of the hanger, you could use an old stocking or a strip of quilting fabric - even a strip of old towel would work. I put a strip of sticky strip on the wood to help hold the padding in place.
Measure the length of the metal part and cut a strip about twice the length of the hook and 1" wide. Fold in half and stitch down the middle, turn inside out and stitch up one end. Thread on to the hook and stitch the bottom to the padding to stop it falling off!
Then back to the main hanger part - fold the fabric in half and using a running stitch stitch about a 1/4" stitch 1/2" apart and work your way to the center. Thread the coat hanger in and pull the tread to gather it. Carry on sewing but this half you will have the hanger in the fabric. At the end gather again and secure the thread. Add a ribbon if desired. Hope that all makes sense!
If you make one PLEASE let me know I love seeing other peoples creations!!

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  1. Julia, this is a darling idea. Now it's all your fault that I'm gonna have to buy some of the new Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity