Wednesday, February 1, 2012

using Stampin' Up! fabric

One thing I do enjoy doing when I'm not playing with paper is playing with Fabric! Stampin' Up! have started selling fabric which is AWESOME!!! This is called Spice Cake - and it matches the DSP with the same name. Stampin' Up! sell fabric in sets of 3 - each of those co-ordinate with each other. Each pack ($24.50) includes 68.6cm x 45.7cm of 100% cotton fabric, and it's delightful to work with. This is a enlongated hexagon caddy - there are free tutorials all over the web for it.
this one is made using the Beau Chateau fabric and I think I didn't put enough stuffing in this one LOL I have made a few things lately with the Stampin' Up! fabric so I will do a short series on it over the next few days.

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