Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Tomorrow we are celebrating my Big brother's 50th birthday - his actual birthday isn't till next week. He's the last one on our MAD fortnight of birthdays! He is a photographer and curator at a museum and so I HAD to include a punch art camera on my card. His partner and him are flying out to Thailand on Sunday for a holiday so that's why I included the map DSP. This camera is slightly old school cause they are way more fun to 'make' than a slick silvery modern one! hehe.
I still haven't worked out what we are giving him yet - bit scary as the party is TOMORROW! eeekkk!


  1. Excellent card Julia - might have to case this for Phil's b/day. If he's into photography get him a voucher for the camera shop (Auckland Camera or Photo Warehouse)