Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how's this for a posh handbag??

Last night Tania Cordie took another great online class as a guest designer and this is what she taught us! It's such a cool project! inside the bag is a box and I'm using mine to put two DVD's we're giving the MIL for Mother's Day which is this Sunday here in New Zealand. I still have to make a matching card for it. I LOVE the Mocha Specialty DSP - the bottom part of the purse is flocked so you can 'pat it' LOL

It's POURING down with rain at the moment and I am half hoping it rains again tomorrow cause it's always great weather for crafting!! When do you enjoy crafting???


  1. LOVE your bag - can't wait to make more of these.

  2. What a darling bag is this.... Hopefully there will be a tutorial on it?? hint hint hint.....LOL...

  3. sorry Ms it's not my tutorial to pass on.