Tuesday, February 26, 2013

welcome to the wonderful world of demoship

I recently celebrated with a new downline who joined Stampin' Up! to be a demonstrator. She is very excited about what she can do with Stampin' Up! products both creatively and as a business.
This is the simple card I made for her to go along with the bundle of goodies I give all my new downline. To make the embossing along the bottom and to not have it show the edge of the embossing folder you need to have a piece of card - thicker than normal card stock - but smaller than the actual folder itself - but larger than the part you want embossed. You make a sandwich with the card in the embossing folder where you want it, then place you scrap piece of thick card over the part you want embossed then put it thru the big shot AFTER you have taken all the 'tabs' off. Only the part under the scrap card will emboss on to the card, and NO edges of the side of the embossing folder will show! You can use this same technique with the little frame embossing folders too.
Happy crafting!


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  1. Fantastic tip Julia. TFS and congrats on the new team member.