Thursday, March 10, 2011

my birthday pressies!

wow as I mentioned yesterday it was may birthday and I got so spoilt with some beautiful cards - many home made. This first one is an AMAZING card from my dear friend Sharon in Hamilton. She is such an amazing paper artist!

the next is from Irene who comes to my classes - just so pretty!
this one is from my mate Bron - check out her blog as her photo of the card is way better than mine- everything was a bit blue today for some reason!
this one was made by my dear daughter Kelly - cute eh!
these lovely goodies were made by a friend from Motueka - Dee she has some awesome projects on her blog. She knows I love my chocolate and pineapple lumps are a fav so this way NO ONE can eat mine!! She also made me a lovely card that I will share with you next month (psst - it showcases some yummy new products being released by Stampin' Up! next month!

This next card was made by my mum Noelene - it's so pretty and has lots of BLING on it! I think she must of sneekly got into my craft room to stamp that birdcage stamp as I know she doesn't have it! lol
now since I said to my hubby that I didn't know what I wanted to get for a birthday pressy from him and the kids he came home from work with this lovely bunch of flowers! it was a lovely surprise! and they smell BEAUTIFUL!!
these last cards are from other friends and family who I have yet to convert to card making! lol
so THANK you for everyone who wished my a lovely day - which it was because we bought a house!! we have been looking for so long and have lost 3 houses along the way but the house we managed to get was the last one we missed out on. The people who out bidded us had trouble getting their finance sorted before the set dates and we were able to offer a unconditional agreement which was successful. We don't move till June at this stage although this may be bought forward. SO it was a BIG day - even had some french champagne which is rare for me! lol
So today it is my resting and recovering from it all yesterday and hopefully a bit of crafting!!
bye for now!


  1. Congrats on the purchase of your new house.
    What a birthday pressie.

  2. Congratulations on getting your new house.
    Your husband has great taste in flowers they are just gorgeous.

  3. Congrats on getting a house Julia! We are in the same process at the moment - we have missed out on 3 in 12 months, but things finally look like they might be about to change - will know at the end of next week.

  4. How fantastic - you are a home owner again!! I just knew that would be your good news :-)

    You cards and flowers are so beautiful - just like you ♥

  5. Happy belated birthday Julia! It sounds like you had a lovely day which you deserve. Gorgeous cards and flowers and a house too. Awesome news x