Monday, October 10, 2011

another year another 1st place!!!

I know this isn't my paper crafting but something else we are passionate about - and that is our 1967 Ford Mustang Notch Top. My hubby imported it 5 years ago and spent about 18 months restoring it. We have showed it over the last few years and every year so far we have won first place for his category. Each year they have different trophy's and this year we have this lovely rimu one. That is our car that is etched into the wood.
The awards night was a great night out - with the theme of 'back to school' and here is a picture of us dressed up.

I wore my fathers black gown and I hired the graduation cap - funny thing I never did have a graduation so it was cool to pretend for a while! hehe. Craig wore my fathers Kings College tie and boater hat. You can't see his knees but he had shorts on with long socks and black shoes! It was great to see everyone dressed up and all the different ways they interpreted the theme.
And it was awesome to sit a table with two lovely ladies who LOVE Stampin' Up! So hi to Mary and Jackie - looking forward to club events even more now!

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