Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a tissue box to brighten your day!

Last night Kristine McNickle taught us this cute box for travelling sized tissues. What a clever idea and way to give a small gift. For some bizarre reason I choose to do it with Daffodil Delight card stock - must of been a first for me! But it certainly makes for a BRIGHT project which if you were feeling down would brighten your day! The box is made so you can refill it too - thanks Kristine for another great project.
Don't forget if you are not part of the the Crafters Anonymous site you can join for only $20AUD per year. Email me at julia.leece@vodafone.co.nz if you would like more details, or if you want to join today - just click the PayPal button to the side <----- and make your payment.
See you there!


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  1. Julia,

    I love it in Daffodil Delight! It is a color I do believe would brighten up anyone's day, good or bad. Now I have to go and get the directions. I think I figured it out that when you do the on line classes, its like midnight or around 1am here. I wont be able to do it until I get laid off in October. My boss is retiring and I have been here almost 13 years. I am looking forward to taking a few weeks and just PLAY with all that I am learning on Crafters Anonymous. But then reality, I do need to get another job. Thank you for sharing these. Again, yours looks GREAT! Susie