Tuesday, July 3, 2012

playing with reinkers!!!

the other day I thought I would have a play with some water colour paper and some reinkers. Reinkers are the little bottles of ink that you top up your stamp pad with every now and then when your ink pad gets a bit dry. In saying that I've only every topped up my black ink so far after over 3 years! But the little pottles of colour are GREAT for playing with in other ways.
These three cards are the result of one such play. The first one I put drops of ink on a dry card then spritz water onto it. The second one was where I sprayed water first then dropped drops of reinker and 'swished' the card around. And the third one I used a brush to apply some reinker and a small amount of water on the dry card. It's not normally my style but it was GREAT fun playing. My favourite is the top one, I black embossed the frame of the words and I partially crimped the edge for some texture.


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