Sunday, July 22, 2012

Owls, Owls and Eyes!!!

For my workshop today I decided some owls where in need of some making! EVERYONE loves making owls using the Build-a-Owl Stampin' Up! punch. So I made the above sample to show the different types of eyes you can make - and there are still MANY more.
This is the actual card they made - similar to one I made earlier with 'Thanks for watching over me'. We used the Twitterpatted DSP. To save time during the workshop I premade the eyes - all 100 of them! The below picture I have called "Operation Eye Ball" hehe - it did mean the girls could spend more time creating their owls. We all had a great time and the hostess Tania enjoyed shopping with her Hostess Dollars she earned.
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. It didnt take me long.. Wishlist is far far too long for the budget!! but Got some fabulous additions to my stamping collection! Thanks for a fantastic afternoon!

  2. Love these cards....pinned them!!! Thanks for sharing!!!