Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Time!!!!

 It's a family tradition in our family to put up our Christmas tree on the 1st December so yesterday I put it up - along with a few others! hehe I think I got a bit carried away! This is first one is an 8 foot tree, I made the tree skirt earlier in the year (September) for the New Zealand Stampin' Up! Heartfelt events. This isn't the best photo - it doesn't show how the lights or the depth of the tree but you get the idea - I love the red and white combo.
 This 4 foot tree that's in our entrance way. It's all gold and looks lovely with the angel on top.

 this 3 foot tree is our 'Ford' tree! hehe My husband LOVES his Fords so I made this one just for him!! Complete with Ford decos!
 This is our front door - a simple wreath this year - the big bow is all sparkly along with the red decorations
This little 2 foot tree is in my daughters room - decorated in the colours of her bedspread. It's so sweet! lol I have deers, angels and other Christmas decos through out the house - it really feels like CHRISTMAS now!!!


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