Thursday, December 13, 2012

Proud mamma time

now this so isn't paper crafting either but I wanted/needed to share our amazing day yesterday. Our kids attended a new concept school that goes from year 7 to year 10 (form 1 to form 4) and yesterday was the final day. In the morning there was senior (year 9 & 10) prizegiving and as you can see from the pic above our daughter did pretty well! The HUGE cup in the middle is the supreme school award and we are so so SO PROUD of our daughter Kelly on receiving it!! She was going up and down the stage all morning.

The awards were:
 she got: Outstanding Achievement in Science (top 4 in subject year 10), Outstanding Achievement in English (top 4 in subject year 10) . Excellence in Film Studies (top student for year 10), Excellence in Science (top student for year 10), The Alexander Family Cup for Excellence in Science (for work ethic and achievement four 4 years), The Cupit Cup for Excellence in Performance Music (includes subject and extra curricular work over 4 years), Whanau Leadership for Kiwi (2nd year in a row! lol), The Rotary Community Contribution Award for Community Contribution, AND of cause the BIGGEST cup was The Mike Jackson Cup for All Round Excellence!!! - phew!! lol

My husband and I got taken up to the stage too and Kelly presented us the lovely flowers you see above! 
SO the day ended with graduation as they will now move on to Senior High where our son just graduated from. This is a picture of my beautiful daughter all scrubbed up for the graduation. She looked amazing - I am bias! We went with her and we had a lovely dinner followed by the graduation ceremony and then the kids had a dance party while the adults went home but I had to go back after midnight to collect some dancing queens and bring home. I finally got to bed at 1am this morning - and needless to say I am pretty much shattered today!
thanks for taking the time to read how proud we are of our amazing daughter!



  1. Wow how fabulous! You have absolutely every reason to be proud. Well done Kelly, so awesome!

    Gorgeous all decked out for graduation too. Glad it was such a success.

    Hope you get a nana nap today Julia.

  2. Well done Kelly - and to the proud parents for supporting her.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter and to mom and dad.... you have every reason to be proud, not only of her but yourselves......

  4. Fantastic Kelly and parents, what a wonderful way to end the year. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.