Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Lisette

Today is my son's lovely girlfriends 18th birthday (yes he's going out with a 'older woman' LOL - by all of 5 months! hee hee). I knew I wanted to use the elephant with the hat stamp cause Lisette love's things like that but wasn't sure how I could use it as the made feature on a card. But by using the framelits I was able to make a cute window for the '18th' and also for actual card itself. One tip for getting a card like this to stand up - without rocking over to one side 'cause of the 'point' at the front middle bottom - is to trim the 'pointy bit' off on the back piece, that way it can rest on it on the front. Easy peasy!
so happy 18th Lisette!!


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