Friday, May 15, 2015

Ink Pad Tricks and Deals

here's a sneeky peeky at one of the new In-Colours that's coming in with the new catalogue on June 2! But want I really wanted to show you was what to do with those 'extra' foreign language stickers you get on the back of the stamp pads. I peel off the English one and put at the bottom edge like you should, then I put the one that most looks like the English version at the top end and then a tip I learnt at our convention was to cut up one and put it in the 'finger holes' on our stamp pads. That way you can see at a glance from the top what colour you have, cause some times you might have a few colours and the the inked pad look very similar. Cool and easy idea eh!

 I am going to do a SPECIAL deal with ink pads - BUY FOUR and pick a fifth for free! You MUST order BEFORE 31 May 2015. The ink pads ARE going up on June 2 so this way you save even more money! I would suggest you order reinkers at the same time too- always good to have them handy and there are HEAPS of things you can do with reinkers other than just 'reinking' lol!


  1. Neat trick! (P.S. Looks like someone's been playing with the Sprinkles of Life stamp set.... "mad" that I recognize this LOL)

    1. hee hee YUP! I just LOVE that set - I think it will be a great seller and that's awesome for RMHC!!