Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stocking punch EXTRA - broken leg

I just HAD to make this card following a comment on my last stocking punch post by Ms. (sorry I don't know your real name!) What a cute idea! It took a bit to get the crutches somewhat right - still not 100% happy but....... you have to stop somewhere! hehe
The sentiment is a cut up on from a cool alpha we have now (I'm typing this in bed without my catty near me so sorry can't remember the name! hehe) and it says "Q - is for Quickly - how we want you to recover" I didn't want all those words so I just cut up what I did want!
The irony about this card as it was me at the local A&E yesterday as I broke my toe - my little toe at that - no where near as dramatic as a whole leg! hehe. Just one of the annoying things that they can't do anything about but you knock it every time you walk anywhere!
Tomorrow I have another neat card fold technique to show you - might make it an upcoming class soon. Don't forget my class on Wednesday - It will be at 10am this week only (1st Feb) - but it will be repeated on Sunday 12th Feb at 12.30pm if you can't make this weeks one. Email me for details


  1. Julie, this is adorable... different from the one we made. I love the idea of the crutches & the gown... very very cute and ty for sharing your creativity.....

  2. oops, meant Julia....sorry about that. Just the cute card got me

  3. I love it! As I am here with abroking ankle.

  4. What a fantastic card. I love all your work. You are so inspirational. How did you get the plaster bigger than the legs. Did you use the plaster as the actual size of the punch and then trim down the legs?

  5. thanks ladies - yes Rhonda the plaster is 'real' size and the legs are trimmed down. :)