Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stocking punch - muddy gumboots!!

I couldn't do a series on the stocking punch without including a gumboot one esp. as we in New Zealand is one of the biggest farming countries in the world. Gumboots are the same as galoshes or 'wellingtons' - each country call them something different! lol the rubbery boots you wear to keep your feet dry and MUD free! If you have a different name for them please leave a comment- I would love to know what they are called where you live!! There is nothing better than jumping in puddles of water or mud in your gummy's! hee hee
The grass is made by crimping a strip of Old Olive then snipping bits out - just make sure the point of your grass blades are on the top ridge, this keeps it strong and somewhat more regular. I I sponged it before I snipped too. To create the sky I punched out a scallop circle and oval out of a piece of scrap card and used the hole as a stencil - not the punched out piece. I sponged using the stencil with Whisper White craft - easy peasy!
One more card tomorrow - see you then.


  1. these are darling.... you are so on a roll with your creativity
    Thanks for sharing.....

    We call them rubber boots in my area...just an fyi

  2. We have many names but when I'm out in the pasture with horses they're called muck boots. Very cute project.

  3. Here in Western Kansas they are often called Irrigation boots as it never rains and unless you pump it up from the aquifer and sprinkle it on your crops,,,,you have no need for boots like that untill the county fair if you have livestock to wash.