Thursday, December 3, 2009


todays sweet treat cup card is for the king of the house - cats, I read a sign yesturday that said "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff!" so so so true. I filled the cup with cat biscuits - which I had to fish (sorry for the pun!) thru the cats biscuit box to get just the fish shape ones and our cat Jerry was just about beside himself!! thought he was being robbed! hee hee

I used the paw print wheel to creat the background 'Kraft' paper, the cat is from Pun Fun set (which actually belongs to my daughter but she so kindly lets me use it!) and the words are printed on the computer cause I couldn't find a stamp or rub on. The circles are punches but the last two are hand drawn with the white gel pen. No holes in this cup as all cats would destroy it to get them hehe. I have again sealed the back of the cup with acetate to ensure no odor escapes.


  1. Fab card Julia for all us Cat lovers out there, hehe

  2. love this card Julia

    as a cat lover myself it's just purrfect

    I wonder how our cat Neko would react if I gave him a card like this for Christmas