Monday, February 21, 2011

sorry for MIA!

I just realised that I haven't posted anything for over a week now - so sorry about that. I have been spending time trying to find a house to shift to as we have sold ours and the one we were going to buy became not available so we are in a bit of a panic! I also have not been 100% and as a result I had to cancel my monthly class at Manurewa for February. I really missed getting together with these lovely girls and was disappointed not to make it but my week was brightened when I received this card in the mail signed by them all! Everyone had written a something on the hand made card which was sooooo sweet!
The card is a cool gate fold card. Having the large diamond shape on the front which is attached to the left hand gate looks really great! SO a BIG thank you to Janetta, Jackie, Colleen A, Jillian, Linda, Leanne and Colleen - you touched my heart!


  1. What a lovely card and isn't it nice to get happy mail. Sorry to hear about the house. Good weather for

  2. You have definitely been missed Julia and not just by your lovely ladies in Manurewa. I've an idea - you could all get shared out and about. I've got a spare room at mine, then there's your SILs next door and across the road...LOL. What fun that would be! All jokes aside though, I do hope you find something soon :)