Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cute and easy bookmark

 Last night on Crafters Anonymous I took the weekly online class and we made this book mark. It is REALLY easy and makes for a great workshop 'extra' or something special to add to a birthday or Christmas card.

It sits on the corner of the page of a book (yes that is a Stampin' Up! catalogue hee hee) to save where you are up to and......................................

and so when you shut the book it looks like this. When decorating you have to be careful not to use anything to lumpy or scratchy as you don't want your precious books to be damaged. And if you are like many people I know who do all your reading on a eBook or Kindle then you could use them to hang your Christmas cards up when you receive them in the post. Just add a dot of glue or a dot of blue-tac on the corner of the card and slip it into the pocket on the bookmark and then hang them from a ribbon or string. Or you could just hang them from the Christmas tree as decorations!! Love to here any more suggestions as to what we can use it for other than a bookmark???? chat soon!!


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