Thursday, September 27, 2012

golden dove

Last weekend I had a workshop and I made this for the Hostess gift. It's made using our Elegant Bird Die and the new 'champagne' glimmer card. I put it on a florist stick so the hostess could wind it on anything - be it her Christmas tree or from a light etc. To make it you need to cut 2 bodies in opposite directions and 4 wings (as they are glimmery from the bottom too) again 2 in one direction and 2 mirrored. Stick the wings together (leaving the tab at the end without adhesive and then work out where on the body you want the wings to come from then cut the body a small bit, long enough to pop the tab of the wings in the fold each piece in different directions and adhere to the inside of the bird. Then attach you wire or ribbon if you want to hang it from something and then glue the two parts of the bird together. Work out where you want the eye to go and fix a pearl. EASY PEASY!! I hung a tag around my doves neck which has a Christmas greeting on it. I first saw this at the Stampin' Up! Heartfelt event and Barbara Bicknall had it on her display items.
Have a fab day - I will be away for a week (holiday in Cairns, Australia with the kids - yipppeee) and if I get a chance I will preload some posts otherwise I won't be posting again till the 7th of October!


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  1. very clever and lovely gift Julia,
    have a great holiday :-)
    Debi x