Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stef's card and an eventful day!

On Monday I went out to lunch with a close friend to celebrate her upcoming birthday. The lunch was an interesting one, starting with a HUGE traffic Jam, then we couldn't find the cafe, and then when we got their we couldn't stand being in the cafe cause it was SO noisy. We ended up sitting outside for the mean which was really tasty! Then we went inside to have a hot drink after the meal. After that I looked at another diner and thought he looked really unwell. I mentioned this to my friend who was a nurse years ago. She jumped into 'nurse' mode and got him down on the ground as he passed out and the ambos said that she probably saved his life as the way he was sitting on his chair his airways would of been 'compromised'! It was quite an eventful day!
This is the card that I made for her - I wanted to try out some new stamps and embossing folders.
This is the inside of the card - it's always nice to have the inside of the card decorated.
Let's hope next time I am out with Stef she doesn't have to put on the floor show like we had on Monday!!!
Have a good and safe day! xx
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  1. Love the card Julia. Down here we have a monthly 'Shop Me Pretty' night where handcrafters get together to sell their wares in a different location each month. Really good quality products. Bicycles featured quite a lot! Kath.

  2. Blimey you can do without that kind of excitement! Lovely card for your friend, Debi x