Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pintrest Tuesday Suit Card

It was Tuesday again yesterday and that means Pintrest time! I found this cool card from Mel of Mel Stamps - here is her original one
I decided I would make a 'safari suit' version cause my dad used to ROCK the safari suit in Gisborne in the summer of the 80's - well ROCK probably isn't the correct word - I don't think it was a great fashion statement but he wore one anyway! hehe
I love this style of card - so I made a few more including a female version and I will post over the next few days. But can you see the chest hair??? hee hee



  1. loved the card.... especially the chest hair... super idea... maybe you'll share a tutorial??

    Thanks for sharing your creativity

  2. thanks for your lovely comment! if you go to the Pintrest link in the post you can get to Mel's blog which has the tutorial for the suit card - which I am posting today. To make the chest hairs I just used a Chocolate Chip sponge and hard flicked it rather than the usual soft round movement of sponging. Hope that helps :)