Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter is coming!!

Easter means alot of different things to different people but one thing that we all like is EASTER EGGS! Actually anything with chocolate is good with me! hehe
I love that this year we have the sweet treat cups so we can put chocolate on cards!

This little bunny is a punch art bunny (sorry Karen R) made using different sized round and oval punches. I used a bit of sponging around the edges of the bunny to help give it some depth.
There was a bit of debate as to whether she should have a big bow or a smaller bow. Actually that was after the pink or brown bow discussion, anyway which do you prefer?


  1. I always think punch art is very cute I just don't want to do it - love the bunny with the small bow

  2. I love the bunny with the small bow, Julia. Even before you asked the question, it was my preference. He's so cute!

  3. This is super adorable Julia, I just love how you used the sweet treat cups!! I like him with the small bow, makes him look more balanced!!

  4. I like the smaller bow too, but the Bunny is real cute. The pink eyes make him look a little crazy, but then, aren't we all!

  5. Small bow honey it looks so cute,
    Check out the stampin up lady I go to for classes...
    I been telling her all bout your work and how good it is and she is going to convention also.I told her to look out for you...yet she does not know what you look like hehehe