Thursday, March 4, 2010

Holiday going well

hi all, I am having a lovely time in Melbourne. Yesturday went and visited where I grew up as a kid, took lots of pictures of my old house. Then we hit Chandstone Mall which was amazing! We only did about 1/3 of the mall its sooooooooo big. Very amazing shops lik Tiffany's & Co and Ralph Lauren but all the good ones like David Jones (which was in sale mod!! gotta love that!!) I got a beautiful top reduced from $139 to $29!!! hehe Found a cool shop called Factorie which has cool tshirts and tops etc so the kids did well there!!
Today we are doing the Victoria Markets and tomorrow is Ikea and some fabric shops. Looking forward to the big Melbourne Paperific Expo on Saturday - now thats going to be amazing!!!
I can't wait to see the up coming trends in the paper craft world, I'm sure I will come home next with brimming with ideas!! See you soon. X

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