Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time for Bubbles!!!!

Last night on Crafters Anonymous I taught a class on this milk shake embellishment - which I put my sample on this card. They members had NO IDEA of what they were making as we only give the step by step instructs, one at a time. They do have photos regarding each step (we're not that mean! lol) but when they finally see the finished product they get so excited! It is a fun night - I have done it once from the other side.
As you can see the beer card below was my inspiration. There are a variety of these beer card around but I wanted to do a non alcoholic one cause not everyone drinks! SO I came up with a milk shake. You could do a 'float' or a soda - the skys the limit as they say! I have made another 'bubble' card but you will have to wait till tomorrow to see that one! See you then!



  1. LOVE bubbles...thank you for sharing these wonderful designs!

  2. This is just right for some of the men in my family. :o) Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

    Love Joan xx

  3. Love these! Looking for a beverage (smaller scale, but these can be scaled down) for some guy cards!