Monday, October 4, 2010

now for something completely different!

here is a toy giraffe I made for a friend. Apparently a friend of hers had a green spotty giraffe as a child but reckons her mother took it off her way to early and she was traumatised! So my girlfriend wanted to give her one for her 40th birthday - and as she couldn't find one anywhere got me to sew one.
It's been ages since I made anything like this but it was so fun to day (except the stuffing part! lol). Now that I have done some sewing my daughter thinks I should sew her some more clothes! Luckily she can sew herself so she will be doing some too! hehe
I promise we will be back to paper crafts for my next post! lol


  1. This is really cute giraffe Julia, and you can sew too? Lucky girl lol.

  2. He's very cute- what a cool 40th pressie idea.

  3. How gorgeous, Julia - make sure Ollie doesn't get his hands on it!