Monday, October 25, 2010

ok - not really craft related at all but......

I just HAD to share!! hehe
Over the long weekend here in New Zealand we have had the Mustang Convention where all the Mustang owners in the country got together. There was a car show and on Sunday night we had a banquet and prize giving event. Well my husband 2 years ago rebuilt a 1967 Notch Back (also known as a Hardtop) from scratch. We imported a reck from the States and he did everything on it, the body work, the painting, the engine, the interior - everything! He even used my old sewing machine to make some extra stuff!

This weekend was his first National competition and we were TOTALLY rapt to find we (well, we are a couple! lol) WON!!!!! We got 1st in the 1967-1968 Hardtop section. There was even a trophy and all!
The trophy is really hard to photograph as it is clear glass with the words etched into it but I am sure you can still get the idea! lol
Tomorrow I will be back to paper crafting - but thought you might like to see what another part of my family life is. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Yahoo! Well done! What a beautiful car!

  2. WOW! What a beautiful car.
    Well done.