Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deck the Hall photo board

this must of been one of the quickest projects I have EVER made! I started with an old 12"x12" canvas that I had painted on years ago but didn't like it anymore. Then I covered it with 3 layers of quilting batting, these where tacked to the back frame just with a staple gun. Then I wrapped the Stampin' Up! Deck the Hall fabric over it all and again using the staple gun I stapled it into place. Then I stapled in the lovely denim tape that is now available in the pattern shown and then threaded brads just thru the denim tape - not the whole thing.
I think it took me about 15 mins!! now I can have photos or even cards being displayed on it!
I have a few more projects made out of our fabric but I will give you a break from them for a bit so I can show you some cool cards.
See you then!

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