Wednesday, November 2, 2011

here are the last 6 characters

this is 'Snuffy' (according to Google lol) Grover and Grouch....

and of cause Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird. I must admit that these designs are everywhere on Google Images - when I was a kid we never had 'Snuffy' or 'Elmo'! I remember when my kids were young and the 'Tickle Me Elmo" came out we were like 'who is Elmo?' LOL
The fun thing about them is they are bright and colourful and make you smile - and of cause useful as a bookmark! lol
Tomorrow I have a project that involves a bookmark and a card together!!
thanks for stopping by!

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  1. They are all gorgeous Julia. Loved when tickle me elmo came out..can remember vividly my DS getting it as a christmas pressie 14 years ago..cracked me up