Monday, November 7, 2011

Deck the Hall wreath

This is a wreath I made last week. It's made using the new Stampin' Up! fabric called Deck the Hall and believe it or not there is not a stitch of sewing in it!!
The wreath is made of foam and you cut out bits of fabric and then using a metal nail file you push the fabric into a groove you have precut with the file. EASY PEASY!!!

Here is a closer view to see the details. Even the ribbon is not just wrapped around I cut the strips so they just go slightly to the back - I worked out I saved about 30 cm of ribbon doing it that way! I am always looking for ways to 'save costs' for any project!! The ribbon is held in the back with small pins. I covered the back of the wreath with stick on felt just to finish it off. Can't wait to hang it up for Christmas this year!!
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